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How To Utilize Technology’s Effect On the Workplace

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 Image titleA common trend is the use of technology implemented into the workplace but, Work Design Magazine predicts that by 2025 up to 50% of occupations will be replaced by the impact of technology’s implementation.

This means a revolutionary shift in the way workplaces operate is expected to take hold over the next decade. While the shift towards technology may sound overwhelming, here are some ways you can utilize the shift towards technology in the workplace to optimize your business’ efficiency today.

1. Realize that the “war for talent” is a real business challenge, and respond accordingly

In a Genesis survey, they found that 85% of employees envisioned work and life will become more enmeshed by 2030. A good salary is no longer the only attractive quality for a potential employee. Especially with younger generations, they are looking for like-minded, intelligent individuals on exciting, creative, and rewarding projects and in essence are valuing happiness over money. Companies and organizations that fail to respond to this trend are likely to suffer.

2.Optimize your space aggressively

Space optimization leads to more balanced office designs that offer a variety of ways of working, including more collaborative space that encourages discussion, innovation, and, ultimately, improved working relationships, communication, and education. This approach naturally creates a less traditional and hierarchical mindset. Alongside the introduction of additional quiet and focus rooms, this enables heads-down, focused work to be supported appropriately.

3.Plan ahead and implement your “office of the future” now

Looking ahead, the focus will be on shared – not owned – space. These include offices and focus rooms, open and collaborative seating arrangements, and ample places for teams to work. In addition, the supporting premise for the program is to enable the indoor environment to have optimal air quality, allow access to natural light, and avoid glare. This is all designed with consideration for employee wellness and energy efficiency in mind.


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